Premiere Pro Installation

Download the LUTs we have sent you via email (check the spam folder if you cant find the email) or on the checkout page.

On a Mac:

  1. Open a new finder window.
  2. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs.
  3. Inside that, find the “Creative” folder and open that. If it doesn't exist, simply make it.
  4. Now copy the LUT files (.cube) in here. You need to copy the individual files and not the folder.
  5. If you haven’t already done so, restart Premiere Pro.
  6. The LUTs should now be available in the pop-up list in the Creative Tab of the Lumetri interface.

On a PC:

  1. Go to C:// directory, navigate to: \Program Files\Adobe\Common\LUTs.
  2. Inside this open the "Creative" folder. If it's not there create it. 
  3. Copy the LUT files into the folder.
  4. Restart Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  5. The LUTs should now be available in the pop-up list in the Creative tab of the Lumetri interface.

Final Cut Pro X Installation

1. Open FCPX and choose the footage you'd like to apply the LUT to.

2. Go to the effects tab.

3. Drag the "Custom LUT" effect on your clip.

4. Select "Choose Custom LUT" 

5. Find the LUT file (.cube) and select it.


DaVinci Resolve Installation

1. Open DaVinci Resolve project settings.

2.  Click "Open Folder LUT Folder" in the Color Management Section.

3. Drag and drop the LUT files.

4. Click "Update Lists".

5. Select LUTs from the 3D Input Lookup Table.

6. Choose a LUT and click save.